Biological safety cabinet is an enclosed and ventilated laboratory workspace for laboratory operators to safely work with contaminated or biohazard materials. Biological safety cabinets can be classified on the basis of air flow pattern, velocities, construction, and exhaust system and are equipped with high efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters, which help to maintain the sterility of the environment from biohazard materials. The recent past has witnessed a significant increase in investments in R&D leading to increase in number of labs being set up. This results in expansion and improvement of research facilities, which lead to increase in the demand of biological safety cabinets. The rapid growth of e-commerce industry has proven to be an appropriate platform for opportunities for laboratory equipment manufacturers with regards to supply and expansion. According to The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), it is expected that, the UK laboratory equipment market will expand at impressive rate in between 2013 and 2017 due to increase in research, research lab setup and advance technology. Some important standards for biological safety cabinets include European Standard EN 12469, Australian Standard AS 2252 Japanese Standard JIS K 3800, and American standard NSF 49 these standards provide proper safety and hygiene to biological safety cabinets. Proper maintenance of biological safety cabinets requires timely change of HEPA filters to prevent contamination of environment.

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Increase in R&D expected to fuel the growth of biological safety cabinets market

There are significant developments that has taken over a period of time in R&D due to modernization in laboratory equipment process, reagents and it keeps on changing in near future which will influence the biological safety cabinets market. Healthcare facilities are developing which leads to expansion of new and improved setup to get accurate results with extensive use of technology. There is widespread adoption of automation in laboratories for various purpose such as storage, sample preparation, movement of sample and equipment to save time and it is cost effective as well. Automation in labs also maintain efficient workflow and minimizing the errors and contamination level as well. There is an advancement in biological safety cabinets such as proprietary airflow, energy efficient, adjustable height stand, factory installed UV light and armrests which reduces the risk of infection and makes working comfortable. Biological safety cabinets are easy to use as they come up with digital interface which allows easy control of functions of the biological safety cabinet. It helps to reduce the complexity of operation, which can be a major factor for the future growth of the biological safety cabinet market.

Developed regions are major growth engines of the biological safety cabinets market

Globally the biological safety cabinets market is segmented in different regions include North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Europe is the leading market, followed by North America and Latin America for lab equipment supported by fast growth of life science industry, geriatric population, and increase in demand for medical care and clinical research, advanced healthcare facilities and high economic development in North America. According to Population Reference Bureau, in 2016, there are around 46 million people are aged 65 and above in North America. Asia-Pacific is the third largest region for lab equipment market because of emerging economies such as India, China, and Japan due to increase in biotechnology, life-science and pharmaceutical industries.

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Major players to support the growth of biological safety cabinets market

Biological safety cabinet market is extremely fragmented due to the presence of many players across the world, in turn creating a highly competitive environment. Biological safety cabinet market is expected to remain competitive to gain major market share by the players. There are few changes which have taken place in biological safety cabinets such as reduction in noise level, improved designs and  Key players of biological safety market include Erlab, Baker, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Polypipe, Labconco, ACMAS Technologies, AirClean Systems, Cruma, Germfree, and Azbil Telstar.