Austria Oil and Gas Industry Trends 2017 and Forecast of Investments, Supply-Demand and Infrastructure-Sanctions of US on Russia to pose Tough Challenges for Austrian Oil and Gas Players

Growth Prospects and Emerging Trends

Austria Oil and Gas Industry Trends 2017 and Forecast of Investments, Supply-Demand and Infrastructure-Sanctions of US on Russia to pose Tough Challenges for Austrian Oil and Gas Players

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Austria oil and gas research from OG Analysis provides full spectrum analysis of opportunities, risks, growth trends, infrastructure and investments in Austria. From data driven snapshots to micro and macro trends to company profiles and market fundamentals, the report provides highly useful insights for market movements in 2017 and projections to 2025 to assist oil and gas planners globally.

The report is uniquely framed- detailing updated market shares of all major companies operating in Austria oil and gas industry value chain along with their operations and infrastructure details. Operational and upcoming projects and their impact on supply-demand, pricing and Competitive behaviour are analyzed with detailed industry overview and future outlook.

This strategic Oil and Gas industry report also details key drivers and issues in 2017 and for long term future. The pdf offers in-depth insights into the country’s oil and gas market in current dynamic global conditions with clear future trends.

Comprehensive information on exploration blocks, oil and gas fields, transmission pipelines, oil refineries, oil, products and chemicals storage assets and liquefaction/regasification LNG terminals are included. Further, Asset wise details of all operational and upcoming projects are included. The detailed report identifies key strategies and new business plans to emerge as a strong and future ready player.

With 12+ years of energy industry expertise, our analysts offer unparalleled independent research and analysis on different factors affecting the growth of Austria oil and gas markets. Industry approved forecasts enable oil and gas industry planners to make confident business decisions. Our proprietary market and modelling expertise ensures most reliable forecasts for the future of Austria oil and gas with forecasts based on wide set of underlying parameters.
In addition, latest thinking on the future of Austria oil and gas markets is also included in the report.

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Active and planned oil and gas Infrastructure along with their current status, companies, investment,expansions and other details
Key trends, insights, SWOT and drivers/risks of further investments in Austria
All major companies in value chain with their infrastructure and operations details
Forecasts of LNG, storage, refinery, pipeline capacities to 2022
Supply and Demand forecasts of oil and gas in Austria to 2025
Regulatory bodies- roles and activities
Reserves, Oil and Gas Field wise production (2010- 2016) and exploration block details
Recent industry developments in Austria

Strategy planners, financial analysts, business development executives and economists rely on us to:
– Optimize operations, strategic plans and expansion initiatives
– Develop a deep understanding of Austria markets infrastructure and investments from 2017 till 2025
– Assess market factors such as supply sources, demand and investment outlook
– Make long-term capacity investment decisions through detailed project information
– Layer your value added insights based on most reliable data and forecast scenarios

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Table of Contents
1.1 Tables and Charts

2 Austria Oil and Gas Industry Market Insights
2.1 Market Overview and Growth trends
2.2 Austria Oil and Gas Investments (Capex) Outlook to 2022
2.3 SWOT Analysis – 2017

3 Austria Energy Market Outlook to 2025
3.1 Austria Primary Energy Mix, 2017
3.2 Austria Per Capita Oil and Gas Consumption vs. Rest of the World
3.3 Austria Primary Energy Demand Outlook, 2000 to 2025
3.4 Austria Crude Oil Production and Consumption Outlook, 2005- 2025
3.5 Austria Natural Gas Production and Consumption Outlook, 2005- 2025

4 Austria Value Chain Segmental Overview and Outlook
4.1 Upstream Operations
4.1.1 Austria Oil and Gas Reserves, 2000- 2016
4.1.2 Field wise Oil Production, 2010- 2016
4.1.3 Field wise Gas Production, 2010- 2016
4.2 Midstream Operations
4.2.1 Austria LNG Capacity Outlook by terminal, 2005- 2022
4.2.2 Austria Storage Capacity Outlook by terminal, 2005- 2022
4.2.3 Austria Pipeline Length by Pipeline, 2017
4.3 Downstream Operations
4.3.1 Austria LPG, Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oil Production and Consumption, 2017
4.3.2 Austria CDU Refining Capacity Outlook by Refinery, 2005- 2022
4.3.3 Austria Coking Capacity Outlook by Refinery, 2005- 2022
4.3.4 Austria Fluid Catalytic Cracking Capacity Outlook by Refinery, 2005- 2022
4.4 Austria Hydrocracking Capacity Outlook by Refinery, 2005- 2022

5 Oil and Gas Projects Attracting/Ongoing Investments
5.1 Exploration Blocks on Offer
5.2 LNG Industry- Planned/Upcoming Projects
5.3 Refining Industry- Planned/Upcoming Projects
5.4 Storage and Transportation Industry- Planned/Upcoming Projects

6 Austria oil and gas Infrastructure Details
6.1 Erdöl-Lagergesellschaft m.b.H. (ELG)- oil and gas infrastructure in Austria
6.2 LINZ SERVICE GmbH- oil and gas infrastructure in Austria
6.3 OMV Aktiengesellschaft- oil and gas infrastructure in Austria
6.4 Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG)- oil and gas infrastructure in Austria

7 Austria Oil and Gas Industry- Latest thinking

8 Appendix
8.1 Publisher Expertise
8.2 Research Methodology and Sources

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