Non-GMO ingredients Market : Key Players and Production Information analysis with Forecast 2025

Growth Prospects and Emerging Trends

Non-GMO ingredients Market : Key Players and Production Information analysis with Forecast 2025

Press Release

Growing consumer awareness about the importance of clean label food ingredients has been fueling the demand for non-GMO ingredients. Consumers have been showing higher interest in knowing the key ingredients present in processed food items. Non-GMO labeled certification is provided by food authorities based on the raw materials used in a food item. Non-GMO certificates have been gaining consumer attention as these ingredients are safer in general. Ingredients processed and derived from plant sources and grown naturally without any DNA-level alteration are known as non-GMO ingredients.

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These ingredients have been witnessing high demand and are especially being used for the manufacturing of packed foods, beverages, confectionaries and others. Since genetically modified foods are not safe to use, consumers have been preferring to opt for foods that are organic and genetically unmodified. As a result, non-GMO ingredients, once considered niche, have now become mainstream products. Growing demand for Non-GMO ingredients has prompted major food manufacturers to avoid GMOs in their new products and products with non-GMO labels.

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Genetic modification of food involves altering the DNA of food crops, plants, microorganisms or animals. People around the world have been demanding non-GMO ingredients as scientists and environmental groups have exposed many health and environmental risks associated with foods containing GMOs. The shift towards healthier diet choices and lifestyle and increasing awareness about non-GMO foods has been driving the Non-GMO ingredients market. Due to the various health complications associated with beet sugar and other artificial ingredients, major food and beverage companies are looking for non-GMO verified and organic ingredients to replace beet sugar and high fructose corn syrup in their products. This has given a boost to the non-GMO ingredients market.